Smith Conducts Smith – Festival Favorites – Vol. II


1. Gala XXV- A Symphonic Overture
2. Horizons West
3. Introduction and Fugato
4. March on an Irish Air
5. Prelude for Band
6. Windstar (Concert Overture)

Continuing the re-release of landmark recordings conducted by the composer, this disc features six outstanding Claude T. Smith works performed by two exemplary university bands! Originally released on LP record, these historic recordings have been remastered and are now available on CD! The vibrant sounds of the recording bands bring the music of Claude T. Smith to life. These works are some of Smith’s favorite compositions used regularly for festivals by school and community bands around the country.

Performances by the University of Kansas Symphonic Band include Windstar: Concert Overture, and Gala XXV: A Symphonic Overture. The Southwestern State University Wind Ensemble performs Horizons West, Introduction and Fugato, March on an Irish Air, and Prelude for Band.

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