The Liberty North High School Chamber Choir

Liberty High School Chamber Choir

The Liberty North High School Chamber Choir is an auditioned, non-curricular ensemble that meets two hours per week. Each student must first audition for the Concert Choir and then complete the rigorous audition process to be accepted into the Chamber Choir. Each student gives freely of their own time to participate each week in rehearsals. There are strict guidelines that hold each member accountable for attendance and active participation each week. These students represent the best and brightest, most well-rounded, and most involved students that Liberty North has to offer. More importantly, these students have made the choice to express their humanity through music and are willing to explore the depths of emotions that music helps to define in their ever-changing world. These students will serve to reaffirm the need, desire, and motivation to continue to make our world a better, more respectful place for ALL people to flourish.