Welcome to the NEW Claude T. Smith website. This website features the music of Claude T. Smith: concert band, orchestral (full and string orchestra), solos works, duet, and small ensembles and programmatic works.

Scores and recordings of most of these works are available for study on the website. Music and scores are available through Claude T. Smith Publications, Inc., distributed by C. L. Barnhouse Publishing, Hal Leonard and Wingert-Jones, a division of J. W. Pepper.

Six CDs from Claude T. Smith Publications will be available soon as well as two CDS from Wingert-Jones Publications/J. W. Pepper. All tracks will be available on i-tunes or google play in the near future.

Claude T. Smith’s biography, “Claude T. Smith: Harmony from Within” was released in January, 2017. His daughter, Pam Smith Kelly, wrote this book to enlighten readers of his life and legacy, and how he revolutionized band music of the 20th century.

A photo gallery will be updated regularly depicting unique moments and memories of his life. If you have a photo or story you would like to submit, this feature will be activated by September 1, 2017.


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