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Marching Band
Small Ensemble

Method Books

Solo Works

Ballad and Presto Dance (Tuba with Piano/Band)

Publisher: Wingert-Jones   


Concert Piece for Euphonium (Euphonium/Piano/Band)

Publisher: Wingert-Jones (Rental)


Fantasia for Alto Saxophone (Alto Sax with Piano/Band)

Publisher: Wingert-Jones


Fantasy for Trumpet (Trumpet with Piano/Band)

Publisher: Wingert-Jones


Rhapsody for Trombone (Trombone/Band)

Publisher: Wingert-Jones (Rental)


Rondo for Trumpet (Trumpet with Piano/Band)

Publisher: Wingert-Jones


Suite for Solo Flute, Clarinet & Alto Saxophone (with Band, Gr. 5)
was written for and dedicated to Claude's lifetime friend, Gary Foster. Gary and Claude met each other at the University of Kansas while both were completing their music degrees. Gary is currently one of the most visible LA recording and performing artists. This work was premiered on Feb. 19, 1987 in White Recital Hall, University of Missouri-Kansas City with Gary Hill, conducting. Since its premiere, it has been played by Gary Foster throughout the world and has also recently been performed in Japan. This work may be played by three individual players or as a set with one performer playing each movement.

Publisher: Claude T. Smith Publications    Price: Complete - $130.00 (US); By Movement - $50.00 (US) Each Click for ordering instructions


Three Contrasts for Solo Horn (with Wind Ensemble or Piano, Solo-Gr. 4, Ensemble-Gr. 3)
was commissioned by the New Rochelle High School Wind Ensemble for Barbara Vladenides. Its premiere was March 4, 1977 with Claude T. Smith conducting. This work is cast in three movements: Intrada, Serenade, and Scherzo.

Publisher: Claude T. Smith Publications    Price: Horn & Wind Ensemble - $95.00 (US); Horn & Piano - $30.00 (US) Each Click for ordering instructions

Available on CD:
Daughters Tribute CD


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